LAB Events


LAB events are primarily sponsored by the Liberal Arts Bridge Program. These include panels and workshops.

CoLAB events are co-sponsored by the Liberal Arts Bridge with other campus partners.

Recommended by LAB events are sponsored by other campus partners and curated by the LAB Coordinator for LAB participants. 

Browse the Events calendar for upcoming panels, workshops, speakers, etc. Below are featured fliers from the LAB calendar. Videos of some of our past events include:

Future Event

Check back at the start of the 2021-2022 school year. 

Past Events

Women in Law and Justice (Spring 2021; announcement; video)

Integral Alumni Panel (Spring 2021)

Resiliency in the Liberal Arts: Reimagining Careers During Uncertain Times (Fall 2020)

Ask the Experts: Racism in the Machine (Fall 2020)

Spring into Tech (Spring 2020)