How to Participate (For students)

 A laboratory for life after graduation. A bridge from the Liberal Arts to a meaningful professional life. Liberal Arts Bridge to the first job, the next thing, and the future.

All students in the School of Liberal Arts at Saint Mary’s College are strongly encouraged to participate in LAB. Here’s how:


  • Check out the LAB schedule of upcoming events and activities. Mark them on your calendar and plan to attend at least 2 every semester. Get off on the right foot and do something in September if you can!


  • Talk to your advisor, coach, and professors about your interests and questions, big and small. Ask  them about LAB activities that you’re wondering about. Begin the conversation about internships in your first year. It’s never too early (but it’s also never too late).
  • Visit Career and Professional Development Services (CPDS) to talk with a career counselor and begin exploring your interests, aptitudes, and related opportunities. CPDS staff can work with you to build a plan for developing the skills, credentials, networks, self-awareness and self-efficacy crucial to success as a liberal arts graduate. They can also guide you in preparing materials and gaining experiences that will help you find your way to your first opportunity after graduation and to a life of professional growth and change. It’s never too early (but it’s also never too late).



  • Contact the SOLA Dean’s Office ( or stop by Dante 109) to ask questions, touch base, or get additional support.


Note that LAB opens for first-year students in the School of Liberal Arts (SOLA) in Fall 2018. SOLA majors and undeclared students at all levels (including graduate and professional) are welcome to participate in most of the program components from first launch, but aspects directed at upper-class students will be expanded over the next few years.