October 7th

Katie Springer Forum:  Science and Religion as Partners in Pope Francis’ Call to Action” A panel discussion focusing on various aspects of the recent Papal Encyclical Letter – Laudato Si’.

November 5th

Brousseau Lecture – Dennis Mathew, “Electrophysiology and Behavior in the Fruit Fly” (Will be a Story).

November 8th

 NMR Dedication – Dedication of new science equipment.

November 30th

Greenhouse – Dr. Anthony Talo (Biology) and Students – Greenhouse Restoration Project


14th    Pi Day (MATH)

17th   Brousseau Lecture - Dr. Robert Lang

19th  STEM Conference for Middle School Girls (Possible Story  Kristen paragraph & photos.)


7th     Professor of the Year Presentation – Dr. Carla Bossard

8th     Names of Summer Research Award Winners (Obtain from Amy or Vidya)

16th   WPCUR Expand – (Keith will provide the story and photo.)

19th   Career Event for Science Majors Co-sponsored by Career Center & Dean’s Office


20th   Commencement Reception

          Graduating Science Majors (Families. Friends, Faculty & Staff)