Science Equipment Endowment

Over the past couple of years, generous donors to the School of Science helped the College purchase a number of exciting and essential pieces of equipment. As scientific research and technology in the field evolve, maintaining updated science equipment in our Biology and Chemistry departments will be critical for our ability to respond to these changes.  Having resources available for new and improved equipment—without having to depend on the ebb and flow of annual donor interests—will further catalyze opportunities for new courses, labs, and research projects in chemistry and biochemistry, thereby enhancing science education for more than 2800 undergraduate students over the next 15 years.

New equipment and research opportunities will attract more students and support faculty efforts to grow these programs while stimulating new teaching and research on timely subjects such as surface-level air pollution, climate change, and the identification of new pharmaceutical compounds for medical advances. Building an endowment exclusively for science equipment will improve the opportunities for student research, expand the research possibilities for our faculty, and enhance the classroom and laboratory opportunities in the School of Science.

  • With a minimum gift/pledge of $100,000: donors can create a named SOS Science Equipment Endowed Fund, which would guarantee funding in perpetuity for modern, updated scientific equipment.
  • With gifts/pledges of $10,000 or more: donors can be part of building the Science Equipment Endowment Fund to our goal of $1 million.

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