School of Science Student Scholarships

Currently, 66% of Saint Mary’s students receive need-based financial aid, and 23% come from low-income households as demonstrated by Pell Grant eligibility—homes where even modest housing is likely to consume a third or more of family income. Low-income and first-generation students with financial need face a great deal of stress in trying to fund a college education. This exerts pressure on students to work for income while in school and may cause them to rethink their academic plans and attendance at baccalaureate institutions and graduate school, thereby limiting their career potential. Scholarship programs have a dramatic impact, not only on students’ ability to stay in school but also their ability to stay focused on their academic studies while they are matriculated, giving them a much greater chance of success.

Endowed Scholarship Gift Opportunities

  • With a minimum gift/pledge of $100,000: donors can create an endowed, restricted scholarship for students in the School of Science with specific science majors or other specific criteria.
  • With a minimum gift/pledge of $50,000: donors can create endowed, unrestricted scholarships for students in the School of Science, regardless of major.
  • With a minimum gift of $10,000 (or increments of $10,000): donors can create designated, annual scholarships for students enrolled in the School of Science.

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