Science Living Learning Community

The Science Living Learning Community (Sci-LLC) is for any first-year student planning on majoring in a STEM discipline. The majors included are Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, Environmental or Earth Science, Allied Health Science and 3+2 Engineering. 

Housed in Assumption Hall, close to the science classrooms and labs, the community has 24/7 access to a lounge and full kitchen. In addition, the STEM Center is located in Assumption, where the math and science tutoring takes place as well as social and co-curricular STEM-themed events.

Members of the Sci-LLC will live with other science majors taking the same classes, providing the opportunity for study groups and will be placed in one of four First Year Advising Cohorts, with a curriculum specifically designed to help science majors succeed. In addition, each member of the community will be assigned an upper-class mentor who will be able to provide peer-to-peer direction and guidance throughout the first-year. A STEM faculty member also lives in the building to provide advice as a student navigates their introductory STEM courses. 

The only qualification a student needs to join the Sci-LLC is being a first-year student with an intention to major in a STEM discipline. Assumption Hall is coeducational and almost all rooms are doubles. If you wish to room with a selected roommate (s)he will also need to be a member of either the science and/or honors communities.

If you wish to live in the Science Community in the 2020-21 academic year, please complete this short form.