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Gene Editing for the Masses?

Channel 5 talks with Biology Professor Vidya Chandrasekaran about an East Bay biochemist selling ‘Gene-Editing Kits’ for the masses.


Biology professor Keith Garrison has a deep fascination with the genomes, or genetic material, for coral reefs and wine grapes. Chatherine Kuo, '17 completed her independent study with Dr. Garrison this past spring. 


Saint Mary's is a safe and supportive environment.  The relatively small class sizes and student-faculty participation encourages everyone to speak up.  Faculty want their students to succeed, propel in their ideas and ambitions and believe in their dreams.  


Professor Michael Marchetti is a stream ecologist at Saint Mary's. He's studied fish, aquatic insects, and now salamanders. His main goal is to get students and faculty to appreciate the amazing places around us. "One of my goals is to take people outside so that they can appreciate and see the natural world and its beauty, and then maybe they'll care about it."