Summer 2005

For Summer 2005, 8 students were awarded Summer Research Awards from the School of Science.  Here is the list of students, and their research projects:

“Polynomial Zero Finders: An Optimization Approach”
Karl Beutner, with Dr. Charles Hamaker (Mathematics & Computer Science)

“Investigation of the Kuiper Belt Using the Mercury 6 Integrator”
Annie Chase, with Dr. Ben Davis (Mathematics & Computer Science) 

“Why Spread Your Wings? An Analysis of Roosting Behavior in Cathartes aura
Michael De Nieu, with Dr. Douglas Long (Biology) 

“The Use of Methylation-Specific PCR and Immunocytochemistry in the Investigation of Epigenetic Status of Preneoplastic Murine Mammary Tumors”
Genevieve Flock and Rob Gallagher, with Dr. Margaret Field (Biology) 

“Prokaryotic Gene Expression in Higher Eukaryotes”
Aman Mahal, with Dr. Allan Hansell (Biology) 

“Physical Characterization of Atmospherically Relevant Polar Organic Aerosols in Cloud Droplet Formation”
Scott Rodriguez, with Dr. Michelle Shulman (Chemistry) 

“CCD Detection of Minor Solar System Bodies Using a Small Aperture Telescope”
Thomas Scarry, with Dr. Ronald Olowin (Physics & Astronomy) 

“The Complex World of Jumping Champions”
Steve Schluchter, with Dr. Jim Sauerberg (Mathematics & Computer Science)