Summer 2006

For Summer 2006, 10 students were awarded Summer Research Awards from the School of Science.  Here is the list of students, and their research projects:

"In Vitro Classification of Immunological Responses to Five Immuno-dominant and Five Putative Type III Secretory C. trachomatis Proteins”
Barry Amos, with Dr. Troy Skwor (Biology and Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute) 

"Surface Ozone Concentration and Weekend Effect Study in Joshua Tree National Park and Surrounding Urban Locations”
Katie Azevedo, with Dr. Joel Burley (Chemistry) 

"Optimization of Baseball Swing Parameters for Three Levels of Play”
Annie Chase, with Dr. Chris Ray (Physics) 

"The Analysis of the Gordon Game”
David Drummond, with Dr. Chris Jones (Mathematics) 

"Transport Dynamics Associated with Surface Ozone Concentrations at Remote Locations in Joshua Tree National Park”
Emily King, with Dr. Joel Burley (Chemistry) 

"A Study on the Effects of Summer Orientation Programs on the Self-Concept of Minority Students”
Beatriz Marquez, with Dr. Elena Escalera (Psychology) 

"Testing Hypotheses for the Fish Population Collapse in Suisun Bay”
Ashley Martin, with Dr. Steven Kelley (Biology)

"Synthesis of Dihydroxyacetone Phosphate Analogs”
Sara Nownes, with Dr. Valerie Burke (Chemistry) 

"Antimicrobial Natural Products from the Red Sea Urchin Strongylocentrotus franciscanus
Michael Pisarek, with Dr. Gerard Capriulo (Biology) 

"Manatee Vocalization Computational Analysis”
Jia Shen, with Dr. Jennifer Robbins (Biology) and Dr. Roy Wensley (Physics)