Summer 2007

For Summer 2007, 7 students were awarded Summer Research Awards from the School of Science.  Here is the list of students, and their research projects:

”Chlamydia’s Effect on Different Layers of Uterine Tissue”
Mark Capobianco, with Dr. Troy Skwor (Biology and Children's
Hospital Oakland Research Institute) 

”Evaluating Delay-Doppler Maps to Model the Ocean”
Elliot Feinberg, with Dr. Chris Ray (Physics) 

”Development of a Project-Based Experiment for the Organic Chemistry Lab”
Stephanie Nguyen, with Dr. Valerie Burke (Chemistry) 

”The Effects of Wildfire on the Concentration of Ozone in the Atmosphere”
Adele Panasci, with Dr. Joel Burley (Chemistry) 

”Asteroid Classification and Detection with Orbital Analysis”
Jonathan Plotner, with Dr. Ron Olowin (Physics) 

“Second Year of Aquatic Invasive Species Survey and Monitoring Plan for Gratiot Lake – Michigan”
Valerie Renosto, David Schwartz, and Mary Heady, with Dr. Andrea Nicholas (Biology) 

“Services Used and Quality of Life in Three Types of Senior Housing: A Comparative Study”
Ashton Smith, with Dr. Mary McCall (Psychology)