Summer 2009

For Summer 2009, 10 students were awarded Summer Research Awards from the School of Science.  Here is the list of students, their research projects, and their final reports:

"Synthesis of Tyrosinase Inhibitors: Designing Chalcones."
Gabrielle Diaz, with Dr. Valerie Burke (Chemistry) Report

"Lunar Dynamics and a Search for Objects Near the Earth-Moon Lagrangian Points"
Jillian Eymann, with Dr. Ronald Olowin (Physics and Astronomy) Report

"Synthesis and Inhibition Activity of N-benzylbenzamide Derivatives against Tyrosinase"
Lindsay Flint, with Dr. Valerie Burke (Chemistry) Report

"Surface Ozone in the White Mountains."
Easar Forghany, with Dr. Joel Burley (Chemistry) Report

"Photon Statistics."
Jordan Grider, with Dr. Roy Wensley (Physics and Astronomy) Report

"Human Immune Response to Carbon Nanotube Exposure."
David Montelongo, with Dr. Keith Garrison (Biology) Report

"Research on Gemini Surfactant by Chemical Trapping Experiments: Aqueous Solution Studies."
Michelle Nenzel, with Dr. Steven Bachofer (Chemistry) Report

"The Endogenized K113 and K115 Retroviruses in the General Public."
Thomas Reynolds, with Dr. Keith Garrison (Biology) Report Part 1 Part 2

"Mesoderm Tissue Development in Drosophila melanogaster."
Jeanine Shibler, with Dr. Vidya Chandrasekaran (Biology) Report Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

"Design for Undergraduate Experiment using Photon Entanglement."
Kurt Thompson, with Dr. Roy Wensley (Physics and Astronomy) Report