Summer 2010

For Summer 2010, 11 students were awarded Summer Research Awards from the School of Science. Here are the list of students with their final reports.

“Nitration Reactions and HPLC Analysis.”
Justin Dancer, with Dr. Valerie Burke (Chemistry) Report

“Decision Making in Baseball: A Computer Programming Approach.”
Timothy David, with Dr. Chris Jones (Mathematics) Report

“Thimet Oligopeptidase: Flourescent Labeling in Investigate Structural Changes.”
Gariella B. Diaz, with Dr. Jeffrey A. Sigman (Chemistry) Report

“Nitration of Substituted Aromatic Rings and Rate Analysis.”
Kayla Diemoz, with Dr. Valeri Burke (Chemistry) Report

“Effect of Energy Drink Exposure on Neutral and MDCK Cells.”
Wayne Doyle, with Dr. Vidya Chandrasekaran (Biology) 

“The Physics of Soccer: Bounce and Ball Trajectory.”
Jordan Grider, with Dr. Mari-Anne Rosario (Physics) Report Appendices

“Role of MicroRNAs in Organ Development.”
Kristen Hatfield, with Dr. Vidya Chandrasekaran (Biology) Report

“Structural Analysis of Thimet Oligopeptidase.”
Zhe J.C. Lin, with Dr. Jeffrey A. Sigman (Chemistry) Report

“The Effect of Calcium on Conformational Change of Thimet Oligopeptidase (EC”
Napala Pratini, with Dr. Jeffrey A. Sigman (Chemistry) Report

“Using Gap Analysis to Assess Vegetation Growth in Jiu Zhai Gou, World Biosphere Preserve Western Szechuan Province, China.”
Ashley Rose, with Dr. Carla Bossard (Biology) Report

“Probing the Active Site of Thimet Oligopeptidase.”
Brian Shaw, with Dr. Jeffrey Sigman (Chemistry) Report