Summer 2014

Poster Presentations by the School of Science Summer Research Program Participants

Allen, Julian

Cross-cultural globalization of advertising

Mentor: Dr. Elena Escalera (Psychology)


Ashley Arancio

Using Xenopus as a model system to assess genetic and environmental factors of development

Mentor: Dr. Sonya Schuh (Health Science)


Madeline Bell

Relationship between shared rhythmic interaction and salivary oxytocin levels in mothers and infants

Mentor: Drs. Mary True & Margaret Field (Health Science)


Brianna Bibel

Structure/functional analysis of the neuropeptide processing enzyme neurolysin

Mentor: Dr. Jeff Sigman (Biology)


Tormey Blake

Observing the Perseid meteor shower

Mentor: Dr. Ron Olowin (Astrophysics)


Cameron Booth

Design and development of a carbon fixating algal chamber

Mentor: Dr. James Pesavento (Biology)


Sofia Burille

Minimum vector rank of families of graphs

Mentor: Dr. Michael Nathanson (Mathematics)


Giuseppe Carmassi

Versatility and applications of metal-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions

Mentor: Dr. Ken Brown (Biology)


Nicholas Kennen

Air quality analysis of the 2013 Yosemite Rim Fire: Effects on ambient ozone concentrations

Mentor: Dr. Joel Burley (EES)


Alina Nguyen

Microbial analysis of Australian dry lake cores; analogs for martian biogeochemical processes

Mentor: Dr. Alice Baldridge (EES/Biochemistry)


Jessica Porter

Development of algae-based systems for scavenging carbon dioxide from yeast fermentation

Mentor: Dr. James Pesavento (Biochemistry)


Nataly Sanchez

Knockdown of highly conserved human fertility gene MCM8 in Xenopus embryos to assess gene function

Mentor: Dr. Sony Schuh (Biology)


Thinus Venter

The weekend effect: Spatial and temporal trends

Mentor: Dr. Joel Burley (Biology)


Chase Webb

Investigating the Stereoselectivity of Magnesium Oppenauer reactions

Mentor: Dr. Ken Brown (Chemistry)