Summer 2015

Poster Presentations by the School of Science Summer Research Program Participants

William Besson

Empirical intuition -- An EEG study on implicit association learning

Mentor: Dr. Hiroko Nakano (Psychology)


Danielle Carothers

Synthesis and investigation of chemical trapping in micelles

Mentor: Dr. Steven Bachofer (Chemistry)


Joseph Dominic

Algebraic structures of two-dimensional topological quantum field theories

Mentor: Dr. Pan (Math)


Carlo Eikani

Mass spectrometric profiling of histone protein modifications in high-CO2 tolerant microalgae

Mentor: Dr. James Pesavento (Biochemistry)


Abigail Hayes

Stable isotope food web comparison for two populations of the coast range newt Taricha Torosa

Mentor: Dr. Michael Marchetti (Biology)


Alex Lowen

Finite simple group representations of the monster

Mentor: Dr. Kristen Beck (Math/Computer Science)


Eddie Madrigal

Biosequestering carbon dioxide generated from fermentation by high CO2 microalgae

Mentor: Dr. James Pesavento (Biochemistry)


Elias Makhoul

Synthesis of polymer-based immobilized radicals for dynamic nuclear polarization-enhanced MRI

Mentor: Dr. Mark Lingwood (Chemistry)


Jason Powell

Seasonal variability of surface ozone at high elevation sites in Eastern California

Mentor: Dr. Joel Burley (Chemistry)


Nick Schlobohm

A study of Gemini surfactants

Mentor: Dr. Steven Bachofer (Biochemistry)


Elijah Soria

Nth roots of Fibonacci fractions

Mentor: Dr. Kristen Beck (Math/Computer Science)


Courtney Starr

Distribution of mistletoe species in Contra Costa County

Mentor: Dr. Anthony Talo (Biology)


Dominick Yeo

Use of solid-phase microextraction for the analysis of forensic samples

Mentor: Dr. Michelle Shulman (Chemistry)