Summer 2016

Poster Presentations by the School of Science Summer Research Program Participants

Matthew Chu

Mutational analysis of glycine riboswitch function

Mentor: Dr. Karen Ruff (Chemistry)


Amanda Dukes

Impact of stress on foraging, sprint speed, and respiration in Western fence lizards, Sceloporus occidentalis

Mentor: Dr. David Chambers (Biology)


Adaora Ezike

Engineering of E.coli to allow experimental control of intracellular glycine

Mentor: Dr. Karen Ruff (Biology)


Christopher Glouderman

Analysis of the stability of the iterative AC/DC method in SAR altimetry

Mentor: Dr. Chris Ray (3+2 Engineering)


Krystal Karunungan

Understanding the interaction between BMP and Notch signaling and its impact on dendritic growth and retraction

Mentor: Dr. Vidya Chandrasekaran (Psychology)


Julie McDonald

The effect of climate change on lateral plate number and genotype of estuarine

Mentor: Dr. Simone Des Roches (Biology)


Kristina Pravoverov

Understanding the role of miR21 and miR335 in dendritic growth and retraction

Mentor: Dr. Vidya Chandrasekaran (Biology)


Alvaro Ramirez-Hong

Satellite altimetry: Geophysical parameter estimation using maximum likelihood estimation

Mentor: Dr. Chris Ray (Physics)


Ben Schepergerdes

Studying aggregation behaviors of Gemini surfactants with high-field NMR

Mentor: Dr. Mark Lingwood (Biochemistry)


Griffin Shaw

Construction of a dynamic nuclear polarization instrument for characterizing and improving immobilized radicals

Mentor: Dr. Mark Lingwood (Physics)


Mikayla Tan

Evaluating the importance of salt bridges and disulfide bonds in the hinge-bend conformation of Neurolysin

Mentor: Dr. Jeff Sigman (Biochemistry)


Melissa Van Dyke

The impact of product type and endorser's behavior on purchasing intention and trustworthiness

Mentor: Dr. Emily Hause (Psychology)


Diana (Jingdan) Zhu

The study of holistic-analytic thinking styles and rational-experiential decision styles

Mentor: Dr. Emily Hause (Psychology)