Summer 2021

Poster Presentations by the School of Science Summer Research Program Participants

Eliana Asfini, Mentored by Dr. Berleman

Quantitative Analysis of Microbial Violacein Production

Funded by: DermBiont


Morgan Blume, Mentored by Dr. Barajas

Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression Among Grocery Store Workers During COVID

Funded by: Filippi Endowment


Caroline Bolen, Mentored by Dr. Williams

Quantifying Blue Carbon Stored in Bay Point Regional Shoreline

Funded by: Mal & Sylvia Boyce


Mark Brunetti, Mentored by Dr. Sigman

Development of a Fluorescent System to Monitor the Induced Fit of Neurolysin

Funded by: Summers Endowment


Kirthi Chillakanti, Mentored by Dr. Kurji

Heat vs Light: What is the main Factor that Drives the Movement of Azobenzene Containing - Liquid Crystal Elastomers?

Funded by: Summers Endowment


Juliana Davis, Mentored by Dr. O’Neil

Examining the Impact of Racial Bias Training on Jury Decision-Making and Implicit Bias

Funded by: Filippi Endowment


Sahiba Dogra, Mentored by Dr. Blaisdell

The Effect of Virus-Infected Plants on Aphid Choice and Behavior

Funded by: Chevron Endowment


Molly Dreher, Mentored by Dr. Barajas

Coping Strategies of Grocery Store Workers During COVID

Funded by: School of Science Endowment


Emily Ferbet, Mentored by Dr. O’Neil

Sports Performance Anxiety in Starters Versus Nonstarters

Funded by: Scott Edgar


Gabriel Fuentes, Mentored by Dr. Berleman

Predation Proficiency and Phenotypic Transformations of In-Lab Evolved M. xanthus Strains

Funded by: Dr. Karl Beutner


Joshua Galla, Mentored by Dr. Chandrasekaran

Signaling Pathways and Proteins Involved In Dendritic Growth Regulation

Funded by: Summers Endowment


Justin Jerome, Mentored by Dr. Lee

Assessing the Role of Magnetic Fields in the Star Formation Process

Funded by: Dr. Dennis Meiss


Isaiah J. Jimenez, Mentored by Dr. Ruff

Analysis of a Tandem Glycine Riboswitch with Variable Glycine

Funded by: Summers Endowment


Justin Li, Mentored by Dr. Barajas

Stress and Anxiety Among Latinx Individuals During COVID

Funded by: School of Science Endowment


Gabriela Lucania, Mentored by Dr. Barajas

Latinx Ethnic Identity and Coping Strategies During COVID

Funded by: Fletcher Jones Endowment


Boston Lufti, Mentored by Dr. Berleman

Quantifying the Mortality of Microbes by Competition Assays

Funded by: DermBiont 


Dominick Milkie, Mentored by Dr. Berleman

The Inhibition of Microbial Growth by Quantitative Bioluminescence Assays

Funded by: DermBiont


Rosa Nelson, Mentored by Dr. Williams

An Analysis of Blue Carbon Sequestration Sites in Contra Costa County

Funded by: SOS Advisory Board


Ben Nguyen, Mentored by Dr. Ruff

Investigation of a Putative Singlet Glycine Riboswitch

Funded by: Dr. Dennis Meiss


Fiona Quimby, Mentored by Dr. Marchetti

California Newt Trophic Ecology

Funded by: Fletcher Jones


Ayana’a Sudduth, Mentored by Dr. Chandrasekaran

Toxicological Assessment of Microplastic on Neuronal Development of Zebrafish

Funded by: Summers Endowment


Natalie Totah, Mentored by Dr. Vu

Mental Health Effects of Alzheimer’s Disease on Familial Caregivers

Funded by: Fletcher Jones


Ishita Valluru, Mentored by Dr. Blaisdell

Prevalence of Cereal Plant Viruses on Saint Mary’s Campus

Funded by: Nancy Richardson


Lucy Wetherall, Mentored by Dr. Hause

State and Trait Anxiety in Primary Care

Funded by: School of Science


Emily Wright, Mentored by Dr. Kurji

Quantification of the Movement of Liquid Crystal Elastomers

Funded by: Filippi Endowment


Ben Harte, Mentored by Dr. Lee

Investigating the Evolution of Prostellar Spins Using Numerical Simulations