Summer 2011

For Summer 2011, 13 students were awarded Summer Research Awards from the School of Science.  Here is the list of students, their research projects, and their final reports:

“Ambient Nitrogen Oxide Concentrations During Peak Tourist Season in Yosemite National Park.” 
Bianca Auble, with Dr. Joel Burley (Chemistry) Proposal Report

“Remote and Urban Air Quality: Surface Ozone in the Bay Area and White Mountains of CA.”
Christopher Beck, with Dr. Joel Burley (Chemistry) Proposal Report

 “Music Processing and Hemispheric Specialization in Experienced Dancers and Non-Dancers: An EEG Study of High Frequencies.”
Constanza de Dios, with Dr. Hiroko Nakano (Psychology) Proposal Report

“Reactive Oxygen Species are Important for Promoting BMP-induced Dendritic Growth in Rat Embryonic Sympathetic Neurons.” 
Charlotte Lea, with Dr. Vidya Chandrasekaran (Biology) Proposal Report

 “Vector Coloring and Complement Critical Graphs.”
Xiaowei Li & Rachel Phillips, with Dr. Michael Nathanson (Mathematics) Proposal Report

“Seasonal and Longitudinal Variation of Thrombotic and Thrombolytic Factors in Humans by Gender and Age.” 
Erin Patrick Murray, with Dr. Margaret Field (Biology) Proposal Report

“Variance in Gene Expression of Thrombotic and Thrombolytic Plasma Proteins in Rats Following Acute Phase Reaction.”
Sean Purtell, with Dr. Keith Garrison (Biology) Proposal Report

“A Comparison of Cross-Coupling Reactions Involving an Aryl Group and an R Group.” 
Joseph Ramirez, with Dr. Ken Brown (Chemistry) Proposal Report

“Motivational Factors of Young Adults Involved in Meditation Practice.” 
Erin Riley, with Dr. Jose Feito (Psychology) Proposal Report

“The Effects of Energy Drinks on the Structure and Function of Epithelial Cells and Fibroblasts.” 
Eric Shide, with Dr. Vidya Chandrasekaran (Biology) Proposal

“A mechanistic and structural investigation of the hinge-bend conformation of metallopeptidases: Thimet Oligiopeptidase.” 
Jose Carlo Sosa, with Jeffrey Sigman (Chemistry) Proposal Report

“Seasonal Variation of Hemostatic and Hemolytic Factors in Hibernating and Non Hibernating Mammals.” 
Stephanie Triggas, with Dr. Margaret Field (Biology) Proposal Report

“Low Frequency EEG Analysis of Argentine Tango Dancers and Non-Dancers.”
Nicholas J. A. Wan, with Hiroko Nakano (Psychology) Proposal Report