Summer 2013

For Summer 2013, 15 students were awarded Summer Research Awards in the fields of Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Earth Science, Mathematics and Physics. Here are the list of students with their final reports.

"Ranking Teams in Partially-Disjoint Tournaments"
Alexandra Choy, with Dr. Chris Jones (Mathematics)   Report

"Chemical Analysis of the Organic Binding Materials in Paint using Silylation Dervatization Techniques and GC-MS"
Alexis Gonzales, with Dr. Michelle Shulman (Chemistry)   Report

"Developing a Bioassay for Triclosan Toxity"
Anne Dinh, with Dr. Steve Bachofer (Chemistry) and Dr. Vidya Chandrasekaran (Biology)   Report

"Wavelet Filters for Image Segmentation"
Austin Bravo, with Dr. Edward Boyda (Physics)   Report

"Investigating Coacervate Drug Delivery Systems with NMR"
Brandon Balamut, with Dr. Mark Lingwood (Chemistry)     Report

"Chemical Trapping: The Determination of the Aromatic Counterion Distribution Stabilizing the 12-4-1 Surfactant Micelle Transformation"
Evangelina Lopez, with Dr. Steve Bachofer (Chemistry)   Report

"Air Quality at Devils Postpile National Monument"
Jennifer Chapman Varela, with Dr. Joel Burley (Chemistry)   Report

"Data Mining and Graph Theoretic Clustering Geographic Varation in African Ape Limb Bones"
Marco Avalos, with Dr. Weiwei Pan (Mathematics) and Dr. Rebecca Jabbour (Biology)   Report

"Cloning and Initial Expression of Endopeptidase EC"
Martin Hall, with Dr. Jeff Sigman (Chemistry)   Report

"The role of Sonic Hedgehog on Dendritic Growth in Sympathetic Neurons"
Nikita Chaudhri, with Dr. Vidya Chandrasekaran (Biology)   Report

"A Survey of Spectrally Variable Craters within the Syrtis Major Quadrangle; The Search for Carbonates on Mars"
Robert Tabor, with Dr. Alice Baldridge (Earth and Environmental Science)   Report

"Friend or Foe: Analyzing Biofilm Behavior and the Role of Exopolysaccharide in Bacterial Interactions"
Ryan Keane, with Dr. James Berleman (Biology)   Report

"Investigation into the Sphere to Rod Micellar Transition of the  12-3-12 Br Gemini Surfactant in the Presence of Sodium, Parafluorobenzoate"
Stephen Whelan, with Dr. Steve Bachofer (Chemistry)   Report

"Geometric Morphometrics of Gorilla and Pan Scapulae"
Tessa Pearman, with Dr. Rebecca Jabbour (Biology)   Report

"The Effects of MicroRNA-21 on BMP Induced Dendirtic Growth"
Trevor Bushong, with Dr. Vidya Chandrasekaran (Biology)   Report