SEBA emphasizes the high quality tradition of the Lasallian core values by recognizing outstanding faculty and staff.

On May 4th, SEBA celebrated its productive year with an end-of-the-year faculty and staff meeting and dinner at Diablo Country Club.   The Lasallian tradition calls for delivering high quality educational experience for students. To recognize and encourage outstanding performance of delivering high quality education, SEBA has recognized the following faculty and staff for their outstanding performance during the last academic year.

- Outstanding Teaching Awards: Roy Allen and George Papagiannis
- Outstanding Research Awards: Wares Karim and Shyam Kamath
- Outstanding Service Awards: Berna Aksu and Mary Coe Lloyd
- Outstanding Lecturer Award: Mike Leary
- Outstanding Staff Award: Andrew Ungs

The agenda also consisted of year-in-review recaps from department chairs, center directors, multiple SEBA committees, associate deans, and Dean Zhan Li.  Among the accolades and updates was the news about the new full-time faculty hires to be joining SEBA next academic year; the School fulfilling its enrollment targets and financial contributions to the College in a tough economy; the continuous development and participation of the SEBA Advisory Board;  and the important development of internal and external communication pieces including the bi-monthly eNewsletter "SEBAConnection" and the annual SEBA Dean's report to key stakeholders.

Dean Li gave a positive briefing about the recent AACSB mock visit, acknowledged Associate Dean Larisa Genin for spearheading the effort, and profusely thanked the SEBA faculty and staff saying "You're the ones who did all the work to impress the team!"  Dean Li then went on to talk about how SEBA is reinforcing the Catholic, Lasallian, and Liberal Arts traditions in our business and economics education through emphasis on the four key core values: global, responsible, quality, and intellectual inquiry, through SEBA's mission, curricular and program developments, faculty research, faculty and student recruitments, faculty and staff development, and sponsored events.

For pictures from the event, click here.