SEBA Enhances the Professional Development Program

Saint Mary’s School of Economics and Business Administration (SEBA) has expanded its graduate business professional development program, making it available to all current graduate business students, as well as alumni. The changes will take effect in the autumn quarter of the 2013 academic year, which begins September 30.

The professional development program will retain its core mission of providing SEBA graduate students and alumni with training in key areas of professional development needed outside of the classroom, including leadership and team-building skills, networking and professional influence techniques, and effective management skills, among others.

The Saturday morning workshops, under the direction of Interim Dean for Graduate Business and Global Programs Yung Jae Lee and Director of Academic Services Kathy Warren, will be conducted by business and community leaders. pdp

Because SEBA sees the importance of the professional development program, it is now requiring mandatory attendance at two workshops for all Professional MBA students over the course of their MBA experience.

Eric Kennedy, who received his M.S. in Financial Analysis and Investment Management degree from Saint Mary’s in 2011 and is currently a Professional MBA student, attended Professor Michael Geraghty’s “Smart Negotiation: How Smart a Negotiator Are You?” workshop on August 13 and walked away impressed with the program.

“I was ecstatic about it,” said Kennedy. “I thought it was great. I ended up buying his book (Anyone Can Negotiate—Even You! How to Become a Master Negotiator). There were a lot of tips and tricks that he taught us—it made me think differently about negotiations.”

In keeping with the value of providing life-long learning opportunities, SEBA encourages alumni to attend the workshops as well.

After attending a recent workshop, Tariq Haniff, who will soon graduate from the Executive MBA program, said, “I realized that I could have made my EMBA experience much richer by supplementing the formal program with these workshops. I appreciate the opportunity to attend future workshops available to alumni!”