SEBA Faculty Michael Wagner Wins Best Paper Award

michael wagner, school of economics and business administration professorSaint Mary's College School of Economics and Business Administration Professor Michael Wagner,  and co-author Patrick Jaillet, have just been awarded the Glover-Klingman Prize for the best paper published in the journal Networks during 2010, a year when over 60 papers were published in its pages.

Almost Sure Asymptotic Optimality for Online Routing and Machine Scheduling Problems is primarily a theoretical mathematics paper that shows that a large class of dynamic scheduling and routing algorithms are asymptotically optimal.  "In other words, as more machines are scheduled to manufacture a product or a larger fleet of vehicles is routed (e.g. FedEx), the algorithms perform better, despite the higher complexity. If there are enough machines or vehicles, the algorithms are essentially optimal, which is not true for small instances, " explains Professor Wagner.

The Glover-Klingman Prize pays tribute to the outstanding work in the general area of network modeling, analysis, and implementation. The Editors-in-Chief, with assistance from members of the Editorial Board of Networks, select the winners of this annual award.

Professor Wagner is the Chevron Assistant Professor of Operations Management at Saint Mary's College.  His research interests are in decision making under uncertainty (stochastic, online, and robust optimization, as well as hybrids thereof). In particular, he investigates the value of information in a variety of application domains, such as supply chain management, inventory control, resource allocation, and logistics.