SEBA Faculty Research Productivity Soars

The Saint Mary's College School of Economics and Business Administration (SEBA) faculty had a very productive 2011 in terms of scholarly work. Our faculty published over 30 peer-reviewed journal articles during the last year. This count does not include textbooks, book chapters, conference proceedings and publications in trade journals. The publications cover a wide range of business and economic subjects, particularly in the areas of "Global Business", "Ethics, Responsible Business, and Corporate Governance," and "Pedagogical Research."

These strongly support our School's strategic foci of "Think Globally. Lead Responsibly." as well as the Catholic, Lasallian and Liberal Arts traditions of our college. Additionally, these publications enhance the academic reputation of our School and College, enrich students' learning in the classroom, and advance the College's strategic initiative for AACSB accreditation:


Cathy Finger, with Dennis Chambers (2011), “Goodwill Non-Impairments: Evidence from Recent Research and Suggestions for Auditors.” The CPA Journal.

Gregory Merrill, with C. Galbraith and C. Stiles (2011), “Inflation and Fair Market Value: An Empirical Analysis of Sales Transactions of U.S. Closely-Held Companies, Journal of Accounting, Business and Management

Suneel Udpa, with Reuven Lehavy (2011), “Kmart: Predicting Bankruptcy, Fresh Start Reporting, and Valuation of Distressed Securities”, Issues in Accounting Education


Roy Allen, Norm Bedford and Andras Margitay-Becht (2011), A ‘Human Ecology Economics’ Framework for Eastern Europe,” International Journal of Social Economics

Shyam Kamath and Kris Chase, with J. Agrawal (2011), “Explaining Geographic Cluster Success – The GEMS Model”, American Journal of Economics and Sociology

Ethics, Responsible Business and Corporate Governance

Jyoti Bachani, with Alanna Young (2011), “Financing Rural Telemedicine: Bringing Healthcare to the Underserved, Great Lakes Herald

Catherine Banbury, Saroja S. Subrahmanyan, with R. Stinerock (2011), “Sustainable Consumption: Introspecting Across Multiple Lived Cultures,” Journal of Business Research

Caroline Doran, with Natale) (2011), “The Role of Religion and Traditional Values in Ethical Consumption.” Journal of Business Ethics

Jim Hawley (2011), “Recent developments in U.S. Corporate Governance: Dodd-Frank and After”, Revue D’Économie Financiére (2011).

Jim Hawley, with Keith Johnson and Ed Waitzer (2011), “Reclaiming Fiduciary Duty Fundamentals,’ Rotman International Journal of Pension Management.

Judith White (2011), “Seeing More Clearly Through a Lens Out of Whack.” Journal of Management Inquiry.

Management and Interdisciplinary Studies

Linda Herkenhoff, with Joann Heydenfeldt (2011), “A Correlational Approach to the Study of Professional Culture and Intraorganizational Conflict,” International Journal of Management and Business

Jo Ann Heydenfeldt, Linda Herkenhoff and Mary Coe (2011), “Cultivating Mind Fitness Through Mindfulness Training,” Performance Improvement Journal

Jo Ann Heydenfeldt, Linda Herkenhoff and Mary Coe (2011), “Mind Fitness Training: Emerging Practices & Business Applications Applied Neuroscience,” International Journal of Humanities and Social Science

Belal Kaifi, with Noori, S.A. (2011), “Organizational Behavior: A Study on Managers, Employees, and Teams,” Journal of Management Policy and Practice

Shyam Kamath, Eric Kolhede, with Guido Krickx (2011), "Network Effects in Low Tech Industries: Insights from Diamonds and Retailing," Interdisciplinary Journal of Economics and Business Law

Sam Lind, with Don Curtis (2011), “"Identifying Misconceptions in Biomedical Education," Journal of Dental Education

Michael Wagner (2011), “Online Lot-Sizing Problems with Ordering, Holding and Shortage Costs,Operations Research Letters

International Business

Norm Bedford, with Bill Hutchison and Sofie Bedford (2011), “Ukraine’s Global Strategy in the Post-Crisis Economy:  Developing an Intelligent Nation to Achieve a Competitive Advantage,” Innovative Marketing

Belal Kaifi, with Mujtaba, B.G. (2011), “Eastern Indian and Afghan Women in Management: A Quantitative Inquiry on their Leadership Proficiencies and Propensities,” International Journal of Business and Management

Belal Kaifi, with Noori, S.A. (2011), “The Best of Both Worlds: A Quantitative Study on Afghan-Americans, Culture, and Servant Leadership,” International Leadership Journal

Belal Kaifi, with Mujtaba, B.G. (2011), “Management Skills of Afghan Respondents: A Comparison of Technical, Human and Conceptual Differences Based on Gender,”  Journal of International Business and Cultural Studies

Wares Karim, with M. Nurunnabi and S Norton (2011) “The perceived need for and impediments of achieving accounting transparency in developing countries: A field investigation on Bangladesh”, International Journal of Managerial and Financial Accounting

Tina Zhang, Yung Jae Lee, with Willington Onuh (2011), “Domestic and offshore outsourcing, and labor productivity: Evidence from firms located in Philippine Economic Zone in Cavite, Philippines,” Journal of Business and Policy Research


Arnav Sheth, with L. Shepp and O. Palmon (2011), “Risk-Taking, Financial Distress, and Innovation,” with, Academy of Business Journal

Arnav Sheth (2011), “Hiring, firing and infighting: A tale of two companies,” Computational Economics

Tina Zhang, Berna P. Aksu, with H. Wang (2011), “Conflicts of Interest in Venture Capital-Backed IPO Firms”, Journal of International Finance and Economics

Pedagogical Research/Business Cases

Steve Balassi (2011). "Comprehensive Assessment in Economics Education,” Asian Forum on Business Education Journal

Tom Cleveland (2011), "Using the Advanced DuPont Profitability Simulation Model for Introductory and Advanced Finance Classes," Journal of Financial Education

Shyam Kamath, Eric Kolhede, and Yung Jae Lee, with J. Agrawal (2011) “A Flexible Financial Model of Distribution Channel Choice – The MODISC Model,” Journal of Business Cases & Applications

Eric Kolhede, Larisa Genin, J. Tomas Gomez-Arias (2011), “From a Great Books liberal Arts Education to an Integrated Marketing Program of Study,” Review of Business Research

Gregory Merrill, with C. Galbraith and D. Kline (2011), “Are Student Evaluations of Teaching Effectiveness Valid for Measuring Student Learning Outcomes in Business Related Classes? A Neural Network and Bayesian Analyses, Research in Higher Education

Suneel Udpa (2011), “Incentive Contracts for Financial Consultants at Private Client Services Division” Case Research Journal.

Michele Zak (2011), “Advance One, Retreat Two: A Case for Problem Solving by Inquiry”, Journal of Business Cases and Applications.