SEBA Professor, Dr. Lawrence Souza and Students Publish Book

The stirrings of reform or more of the same?

In the book, U.S. Housing Policy, Politics, and Economics: Bias & Outcomes Dr. Souza and students Hannah Macsata, Dustin
Hartuv, Joshua Martinez and Alicia Bilbrey-Becker share a stark and urgent message.

With a new president in the White House and the economy emerging from its peak pandemic lows, the time is right for transformative federal housing legislation—but only if Congress can transcend partisan divides. Drawing on nearly a century of legislative and policy data, this briefing for scholars and professionals quantifies the effects of Democratic or Republican control of the executive and legislative branches on housing prices and policies nationwide.


U.S. Housing Policy, Politics, and Economics is available for purchase: 

U.S. Housing Policy, Politics, and Economics is also available to checkout via the Saint Albert Library!