SEBA Senior Establishes Legacy with the Responsible Investing Group

Simon TryznaSEBA student Simon Tryzna ’15 fell in love with Saint Mary’s for a number of reasons—the idyllic location, the small class sizes, the sense of community that is fostered on campus. The one thing that was missing for this business student when he stepped on campus was an investment club. So, he decided to do something about it.

Tryzna was nominated to the SEBA Dean’s Undergraduate Advisory Board when he was a sophomore, and used his placement there as a platform to pitch the idea of the Responsible Investment Fund to Dean Zhan Li. Now, at the end of his collegiate career, Tryzna proudly looks back on what it took to get the Responsible Investment Group off the ground.

“The Responsible Investment Fund is designed to improve the financial literacy of all SMC students and offers a hand-ons learning opportunity to business and non-business majors," says SEBA Dean Zhan Li. “We got to work securing funding and putting together the specifics of the group. It’s been a wonderful success thus far.”

“I was nominated to the position by a faculty member,” says Tryzna. “I knew it was going to be a big responsibility, but I was excited to make things better. I was in a position where I could change things and leave an impression.”

Three years later, Tryzna has undoubtedly made his mark.

“What we’ve done at the Investment Group in the first year alone is remarkable,” he continues. “It’s the thing I’m most proud of. We were able to get students involved and coming to our meetings every week. We also competed in the CFA research challenge and had our positions challenged and validated. I feel like the Fund is solid, and we’re now in a position to have a positive impact on future students.”

With Tryzna as the inaugural president, the Responsible Investment Fund finished third in the CFA Research Challenge, presented at panel at the Elfenworks Center for Responsible Business’s “Business and the Challenges of Inequality” conference, and hosted investing professionals from Lincoln Financial to speak and advise Fund members.

“For me, taking on a leadership role and involving myself in something like this was a way to differentiate myself to potential employers,” says Trynza. “I think the Fund can do that for other students as well. We publish all of our work online, so it’s available to employers to see.”

“It’s extra work, but I think it can be really beneficial for our students,” Tryzna continued.

The extra work has certainly paid off for him. Tryzna has secured an investment advisor representative position with ClearPath Capital—a role not dissimilar to the market analysis and data interpretation he was doing with the Responsible Investment Fund. Going forward, he feels confident that the programs that he helped establish are going to endure after he graduates.

“We have a team of fantastic people who are going to be running the Fund and executing our plan for the future,” he says. “We’ve got some great classes coming up in the honors program, so for at least the next few years, there’s a really strong future here.”