SEBA Undergrads Get a Lesson in Etiquette

Dining Etiquette WorkshopThe School of Economics and Business Administration recognizes that in order to secure a job in today’s workforce it takes skills beyond what is taught in traditional business or liberal arts curriculum. Career Gateway aims to arm SEBA undergraduate students with the tactile skills needed to navigate all facets of business including dining etiquette.

On February 18, 40 undergraduate students attended a two hour presentation on projecting a polished and professional image. Business etiquette coach Gina Synder equipped students with proper dining etiquette from the cocktail mixer through a formal three course sit-down dinner. The etiquette lessons covered a long list of tips and tricks, from the RSVP and preparing your networking, to talking points and three thank-you touch points for the post-dining event.

At the end of the event students left with an understanding of the importance of:

  • Timely RSVPs
  • Company Research
  • News of the Day
  • Appropriate Apparel
  • Introductions & Rank
  • Handshakes & Name Badge Placement
  • 2:1 Engaging Conversation Ratio
  • Conversation Topics to Avoid
  • Cell Phone Etiquette
  • Formal Table Setting & Meal Progression
  • Proper Way to Hold & Use Utensils
  • Cultural Differences Between European Style &  American Style of Eating
  • Stemware Differences & Placement
  • Post Event Follow-up Opportunities

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