SEBA's NetImpact Chapter Features Dr. Lauren Speeth, CEO of Elfenworks

On May 24th, the new Graduate Business NetImpact Chapter organized a professional development event titled "Leadership, Ethics and Entrepreneurship: Strategic Mindset for the 21st Century". The event featured Lauren Speeth, CEO of Elfenworks. Lauren reviewed the topics of what is to be a leader, ethics, entrepreneurship and to have joy. She metaphorically spoke about "following your true north when sailing.  It is always best to follow your true north in practice and perspective.  To perfect what you practice and make small shifts that will encompass big changes." 

Speeth noted that one of the most important aspects that world needs is to have a surplus of joy in both your skills and affinities.   Lauren was an alluring speaker that seemed to inspire everyone to start to follow their true north.

MBA student Mercedes Baumbach enjoyed the event because Lauren was "an inspirational Lasallian leader, not just wanting to do good for the world, but acting as a true philanthropist."  Joshua Brown, a current MBA student said Lauren is "passionate, a believer in her vision, and someone to be forever searching for education and people who share her thoughts."

About NetImpact

The Saint Mary's College School of Economics and Business Administration's Net Impact Chapter empowers our students to foster sustainability objectives and CSR initiatives, by partnering with local and global organizations, engaging our community in projects with social and environmental impact thereby promoting the SEBA mission of “think globally, lead responsibly.” For more information about current projects or how to join, click here.