Senior Projects

During the senior year, each theatre major works with a faculty mentor on a year-long capstone project. This individualized project engages students in a deep creative or scholarly investigation, tailored to their own talents and interests. Many avenues are open: playwriting, directing, performing, designing, researching, professional internships, and more. Find out what some of our 2020 seniors were working on.

Virginia (Ginny) Barkas

Kathryn Gubler

Rob Guzman

Ashley Mufich

Kelsey Tremewan

2018-2019 Senior Projects

Lindsay Ford

Hannah Keihl

Title: Yelp? a One-woman Show

Elizabeth Newton

Title: Managing theatre Innovation in a Business World

Alejandra Rivas

Title: La Paloma: a Father-Daughter in the In-between

Kimiya Shokri

Title: Sabz: Ghosts and Dreams of the Iranian Diaspora

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