Senior Spotlight: Brad Gibson ’22 Earns SMC Groundbreaker Award

Math and Computer Science senior Brad Gibson has been recognized with an SMC Groundbreaker Award for having continuously provided imaginative and creative solutions to increase student engagement. The Division of Student Life recognized more than 50 student leaders this year for holding leadership roles in clubs, organizations, and department offices. Gibson has worked tirelessly for student veterans since the moment he stepped foot on campus.

Since transferring to Saint Mary’s, Gibson, an  Army veteran of five years, has dedicated himself to creating a community of student veterans. His efforts led to the creation of the Veterans Resource Center (VRC) in Filippi Academic Hall, a welcoming gathering place for student veterans and their friends and allies. He also worked to create the Veterans and Military Affiliated Gaels (VMAG) to further strengthen the community. We asked Gibson how he felt when he learned about the award, what he’s proudest of achieving here, and where he’s headed next.

How did you feel when you learned about your award?

I was very surprised when Calvin [Monroe, Assistant Dean of Students] informed me of the award, and I am thankful to have been noticed for the work that I was a part of with respect to the veterans’ community at SMC. I did the work first and foremost for the betterment of my community, but it feels good to be noticed.

What are you proudest of accomplishing at SMC?

I am most proud of the accomplishments that I was able to achieve for the betterment of my veterans’ community. It is immensely important for me to act as a guardian of my brothers and sisters. Especially for those who are in need and may not have the capacity to take on the challenges that present themselves when tackling the goals necessary for improving the quality of life for all of us. I must say, I could not have done it alone. The support I received from various faculty and staff along the way made a huge difference on the impact we were able to achieve. Jim Sauerberg and Caroline Burns have been immensely supportive of me, and our new VMAG President, Dominic Fleming, has taken a personal interest in continuing the work that I started. I am excited to see what the future holds for veterans at SMC.

Where are you headed next?

I have accepted an offer with Lawrence Livermore National Lab as a Business Analyst, and I am just waiting on my background check to be completed so that I may start in my new role. I am excited to start a career that may eventually lead to an increased ability for me to be able to make a larger impact for veterans. As my successes grow in the future, I will make it my personal mission to be able to give back in kind to continue to help change the lives of my family of veterans. It is incredibly important to me that I do everything in my power to help veterans feel like they are a part of the community that they sacrificed so much to protect.

Additional Groundbreaker Awards were given out this year. One went to Connor Moss, who was instrumental in rethinking how we could use technology to create ways for new students to connect and engage with each other. Remy Zerber also received an award for being significantly involved on campus. During this year’s BASH, she utilized technology to present a set that challenged how we think about different abilities. Finally, the Expressions of Blackness Executive Team was awarded for inspiring other student groups with its persistence and thoughtfulness.

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