Senior Spotlight: Mackade Mangels ’22

Mackade Mangels ’22 is graduating with a degree in Economics and Mathematics: Computer Science Track. He is a SEBA Peer Mentor, helps undergraduates of all years navigate their path, and serves as the president of SMC’s Men’s Rugby Team. He is also the recipient of the School of Economics and Business Administration Brother U. Jerome Award. After graduation, Mangels will start working as a Strategy Associate for KPMG in San Francisco!

Here, Mangels shares his favorite SMC memories and what’s next after graduation.

What clubs/orgs did you belong to at SMC?

I was blessed with the opportunity to be a SEBA Peer Mentor. Having the ability to help undergraduates of all years navigate their path to commencement is a puzzle I love completing. Along with 4-year plan building and resume workshops, I got to know many more faces around campus and was able to build some great relationships. I also served as president of the rugby team here at the College. Although we came short of our overall goal of the national championship this year, none of this season should be taken for granted. As more than just a player, it was critical for me to see all the work that goes on behind the scenes and the fundraising that must be completed for the Club Sport. Our alumni base is top notch and I am very proud to be a future member of the rugby board.

Who are your greatest supporters⁠⁠?

My greatest supporters are my family. I wouldn’t be the same young man I am today without the unwavering love from my parents. My younger brother Peyton has always been there to pick me up and show me that no matter how big the wall is in front of you, there's a way to climb it, dig under it, or go through it. I have an amazing support system and owe a large thank you to my friends, my girlfriend, my teammates and coaches. 

What is your favorite SMC memory⁠⁠?

There are plenty of memories to choose from, whether it starts with painting the SMC, long nights at late night, or Tuesday mornings in the hills. Choosing one from 100 is tough, but most recently, beating Cal at their place in Strawberry Canyon in the national semi-final was a highlight of my four years and a great rivalry that I will never forget. That was a special day for all of SMC and as always, I was proud to be wearing the red and blue stripes.  

What's next⁠⁠ for you after Commencement?

After graduation, I am thrilled to start working as a Strategy Associate for KPMG in San Francisco. This opportunity is far too good to be true and I am excited to represent SMC with many other alumni and classmates over on Second Street.