Seniors! Complete your Master's degree in just one year after graduation!

Why should you consider a MA in Leadership and Organizational Development 4+1 degree? 

Today’s complex problems need skilled leaders. The MA in Leadership and Organizational Development 4+1 degree program will provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive as a leader and make lasting change. Awaken your potential to influence, empower, and lead others.

"Leadership is not tied to a title. We all have the capacity to make an impact on others. I chose this program as it will give me a head start in developing my own unique leadership style." — Makenna Messina, SMC Class of 2021, Justice, Community, + Leadership & Communications Majors 4+1 MA in Leadership and Organizational Development Program

In this program, you will learn contemporary leadership theory and practice in networks of your peers. Our students have career goals across public, private, and non-profit sectors and will acquire the competencies and skills to advance and succeed in today’s dynamic and complex world.

"The 4+1 MA in Leadership is incredibly valuable in learning how everyone is capable of being empowered as a leader in some way, and I would like to expand that understanding to people who may be able to utilize it in their daily lives and beyond. This program is inspiring to me because I believe, especially now, there is a big need for expansion in the field of Leadership." — Angie Thomas, SMC Class of 2021, Justice, Community + Leadership Major & Women + Gender Studies Minor

By starting your MA as an undergraduate, you will save precious time and money as you learn practical skills with peers in a personally enriching learning experience. By the time you graduate, you will be able to enter the workforce with much sought-after leadership skills and knowledge, which will enhance both your job opportunities and contributions to the world at large.

Please schedule a 1:1 consultation with an admissions counselor for more information.