ShakeOut Day + Saint Mary's Preparedness

Today is International ShakeOut Day. Individuals and institutions are being asked to consider what to do in the event of an earthquake (Drop, Cover and Hold on, remain vigilant for aftershocks, and having a "go" kit readily available, for example).

Not only does the exercise highlight the need to remember basic earthquake preparedness but also the importance of establishing a practice of general emergency preparedness and readiness.

As we continue the process of returning to an in-person campus, the Saint Mary's community must also refresh its efforts at general preparedness: safety conversations, fire and other drills, and the effective use of our Saint Mary's campus notification platforms.  Faculty, staff and students all play a role in these efforts.

As the Executive Director of Public Safety, I will work with members of SMART and other campus partners to deliver these initiatives over the next several months. Campus safety is a community effort and requires the commitment of everyone at the college.  Your support is much appreciated.



Hampton N. Cantrell
Executive Director of Public Safety and Transportation
Saint Mary's College of California