Learning Outcomes

Teaching candidates will learn to do the following :
  • Teach the state-adopted academic content standards for their respective subjects Single Subject Teacher Student
  • Use progress monitoring to determine whether students are progressing adequately;
  • Understand and use informal, formal, formative and summative assessments;
  • Incorporate specific strategies, instructional activities, procedures and experiences that address state-adopted academic content standards;
  • Clearly communicate instructional objectives to students;
  • Use developmentally appropriate teaching practices;
  • Understand and apply pedagogical theories, principles, and instructional practices for comprehensive instruction of English learners;
  • Understand patterns of child and adolescent development;
  • Plan instruction that is comprehensive in relation to the subject matter and in accordance with state-adopted academic content standards;
  • Maximize student achievement;
  • Develop and maintain clear expectations for academic and social behavior;
  • Take responsibility for student learning outcomes; and
  • Evaluate their own teaching practices and subject matter knowledge.