Sister Mary Liam Brock '84 Finds Her Calling Close to Her Roots

Sister Mary Liam Brock '84 was featured in a recent article in the San Francisco Chronicle. At 72, she is principal at Saint Elizabeth's, the Catholic high school she attended in the 1950s and that's just across the street from her childhood home in Oakland's Fruitvale district.

In the article, she says that "People laugh at me when I say, 'I want to take you through my hood.' I've been principal at St. Elizabeth's for 15 years. I came back to teach and was here a year and a half when the principal resigned. The diocese asked me to step in for a year as interim principal, and I'm still here."

Speaking of the students who attend Saint Elizabeth's, she says: "A lot of them come from single-parent homes. A lot of them live in the Richmond Triangle. A lot are being raised by grandparents, or they have the stress of being responsible for younger brothers and sisters. We've had kids come to the school who spent the night before on the floor because of gunshots coming through their neighborhood."

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Photo by Thomas Levinson/The Chronicle