SMC Alums Honored for Work at Port of San Francisco

Peter Dailey '76 and Michael Nerney '79 received commendations from the San Francisco Board of Supervisors on June 27 for their work in promoting cruise ship business at the city's port.

During her presentation, San Francisco Supervisor Michela Alioto-Pier noted that: "My father and my grandfather and a number of my uncles and cousins also graduated from Saint Mary's. It's just a personal tribute to a wonderful place."

(To see a video clip of the presentation, go to: and click on the link for "BOS Full Board of Supervisors" for 06/27/06.Scroll down to Item 78 Imperative Agenda, and click on "Recognition of Commendation.")

The two Saint Mary's alumni were also quoted in a story that ran on the CBS 5 Web site on June 21 about reducing emissions of docked cruise ships.

"The Port of San Francisco is proud of our role in bringing the EPA and the cruise lines together for this collaborative effort to improve air quality in the Bay Area," said Dailey, the port's maritime director. "We are committed to supporting the cruise business while being mindful of environmental concerns."

Nerney, the maritime marketing manager with the port, was quoted as saying that the cruise ships are willing to pay extra for low-sulfur fuel in an effort to be "good neighbors."

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