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Did you know that Saint Mary's College has archives documenting College history? And did you also know that the Saint Mary's College Archives has digital collections available via the Web? To celebrate this, we are presenting a very special collection at the next Ask a Librarian workshop.

The Saint Mary's digital archives include historical documents, images, reports and student research. The images and documents in particular trace the history of the College.  In our digital archive, for instance, is the memorandum that Brother Justin, the first Christian Brother President, wrote about his recollections of the founding of the College.  Photographs of Commencements, football games, alumni and faculty, dramatic events, and little-known happenings at all three campuses of the College dating back to the 1860's have all been recorded and are available for viewing.  What could be more appropriate than to have Martin Cohen, the College Archivist, show off some of the treasures of our digital archive, and explain how explore aspects of the history of the College via Archon and EPrints, the Archives' digital collections services?  Come see the history of the College come alive:

Wednesday, April 23, 2014.  1:00 - 2:00 pm, Wildenradt Theatre

No need to make reservations.

The attached image gives you a hint of the treasures to be seen.  This is an photograph of Brother Leo as Brutus and Brother Agnon as Cassius in costume for a production of Julius Caesar, 1911.

Questions about the Archives, or about this presentation?  Contact Martin Cohen, College Archivist,

Questions about the Ask a Librarian workshops?  Contact Sue Birkenseer,

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