SMC Helps Graduates Rake It In

Photography by Gorbachev Lingad '10

Students looking for just the right college take a number of factors into consideration. For some, it’s the right academic program. For others, maybe it’s school spirit and a sense of community. But with the economy still struggling, students may be taking a closer look at colleges offering them the best chance to end up with more resources at their fingertips.

According to one prominent magazine that knows all about financial resources, more students might want to turn their eyes to Moraga.

Saint Mary’s was recently included in a Forbes Magazine story, "Colleges That Will Make You Rich." Natalie Doss writes that while Saint Mary’s might not be as well known as others on the list, it certainly shouldn’t be overlooked and that it "does such a good job helping students thrive in their careers, the school ranks fifth on our list of colleges that will make you rich." Saint Mary’s earned a higher ranking than Georgetown, University of Chicago, and UC Berkeley, just to name a few "also-rans."

Shirley O. Griffin, executive vice president for Wells Fargo’s commercial real estate group in San Francisco, is quoted as saying, "My experiences as a Saint Mary’s College student and member of its Board of Regents provided me with the knowledge and many different perspectives to be even more successful in my career."

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