SMC Politics Major Admitted to Stanford & Harvard

First Generation student Randal "Randy" Fraters has been accepted by both Stanford and Harvard University Graduate Schools of Education, the only universities where he applied. Now he only has to choose...



"Why become a teacher? This is the profession that calls out to me so deeply that I feel a duty to serve. Neither of my parents went to college. They made intense sacrifices to push me along. I am the first in my family to go to college because my parents made a commitment to be the last who did not. At Saint Mary’s, the professors encouraged me to do meaningful things. Professor Ronald Ahnen once mentioned that the way to break cycles of poverty was through education, and Professor Patrizia Longo’s classes have confirmed this many times over. It was thanks to the recommendation of Professor Myrna Santiago of the History department that I studied abroad in Córdoba, Argentina, and to apply for graduate school. Both of these turning points in my life were things I had not considered until she brought them up. Having benefited from the mentorship and love from so many people, I feel compelled to pay it forward. Through the Stanford Teacher Education Program, which leads to a Master of Arts in Education, I hope to learn how to be a teacher leader. Within and outside of the classroom, my dream is to be a cultivator of community so that people can come together and work on what is meaningful to them. Kurt Vonnegut was correct when he proclaimed, 'Teaching, may I say, is the noblest profession of all in a democracy,' for it is teachers who empower students to become active citizens that push the universe’s moral arc to bend toward justice."