SMC Professor Suzi Weissman Provides Commentary on Ukraine/Russia Conflict

As the situation in Ukraine evolves, local news media has tapped Saint Mary's Professor of Politics Suzi Weissman to provide commentary and expertise on the latest developments in the region. An expert on the history of Russia and the Soviet Union, Professor Weissman joined KCBS Radio to offer her take on a constantly changing landscape.

Professor Weissman also hosts her own public affairs show in the Los Angeles area and via podcast in which she is joined by other experts on the topic. This week, she spoke with former Ukranian government official Bohdan Krawchenko and noted international relations scholar Mick Cox to discuss the latest in Ukraine.

To listen to all three interviews, click the links below.

KCBS Radio Interview - February 27, 2022

KCBS Radio Interview - February 23, 2022

Jacobin Radio podcast with Suzi Weissman: Ukraine and the Anti-War Resistance