SMC Response to ICE Decision

Dear Saint Mary’s Community,

One day after Saint Mary’s College and a coalition of 20 West Coast colleges and universities filed a lawsuit against the federal government challenging the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and ICE’s plan to revoke foreign students’ visas and subject them to deportation if they attend classes entirely online, the policy was officially rescinded. We applaud this action and are pleased that our international students are no longer at risk of having their visas revoked. They can rest assured in knowing that they can continue their academic journey at Saint Mary’s without worry.

Our support for our international students is unwavering. They bring to our community the richness of their cultures and diverse perspectives, which help us all to expand and grow in our individual and collective understanding of an ever-changing world. Our global connections are strengthened and our College community is better because of our international students.

The policy that the federal government attempted to enforce met with rapid and sustained opposition from colleges and universities across the country. The plethora of lawsuits that followed was the apparent breaking point for the federal government, and forced it to rescind this policy. I am pleased that Saint Mary’s joined the lawsuit to fight the decision that only served to pave the way for continued challenges for international students.

Our College is inclusive and welcoming of all people, and we stand ready and poised to fight for justice when any member of our beloved community is targeted in any way. Our commitment of providing a world-class education supported by our Lasallian mission is the pinnacle of our work as a community that is enriched by cultural, spiritual, and ethnic diversity.

Let us support one another and unite as a community in ways that allow our voices to be heard as we speak for those whom others may attempt to silence.

In the spirit of De La Salle,

James A. Donahue

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