SMC Student's Haunting Melody Wins $1,000 Prize in Online Theme Song Contest

Madeline BellSaint Mary's freshman Madeline Bell says she has never won anything "except my scholarships," so she was surprised when she won the grand prize and $1,000 in an online theme song contest for "Assassin's Creed: Revelations," the latest installment in a popular computer game series.

Bell's song was selected from hundreds of thousands of entries, according to UJAM, a cloud-based music creation service that sponsored the contest along with the video game company Ubisoft. After public votes narrowed the field to the Top 20, Bell won the grand prize and the opportunity to record the game's theme song along with Lorne Balfe, a composer for the series.

A health science major from Ventura, Calif., Bell says she entered because she "loves singing" but was "in complete disbelief" when she heard that she had won. The contest organizers called her on her cell phone while she was in chemistry class, she says, and she hung up three times before she realized the call was for real. Last week, she was flown to Santa Monica for a six-hour recording session to record the sound track for the game.

Assassin's Creed is an historical fantasy game series that can be played on Xbox, PlayStation and many other platforms. Much of the action in "Revelations," due out in November, is set in Ottoman-era Constantinople.

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