Green Dot for Students

At Saint Mary's College, we are choosing to help prevent violence from occuring by creating an enviroment of awareness and partnership, where we all look out for one another. With collective change and determination we can shift our culture away from violence and towards one of alliance and advocacy for active bystander intervention. It all starts with YOU and how YOU CHOOSE TO ACT.

Request a Green Dot Workshop

New to campus this year is a Green Dot Workshop! This is a one hour overview of the Green Dot Bystander Intervention Program, and is facillitated by our Green Dot team. We encourage all students to at least experience this overview, and then carry on and complete the official Green Dot Training (offered throughout the year).

If you would like to start planning a workshop now please email! You will be further contacted to continue scheduling through the email/information you provide on the form.


Attend a Training

Are you interested in being more involved in Green Dot at SMC?  Consider attending a Green Dot training!  The trainings are designed to give you the skills you need in order to do green dots in your everyday life.  Through videos, group conversation, discussions, role plays, and interactive activities, we will learn about how to detect a red dot, the barriers that exist for all of us sometimes when we try to do green dots, and how to find the most helpful green dot for every situation.

If you are interested in attending or interested in learning more information, please email the Green Dot Team at mag7@stmarys-ca.eduTrainings are free and include food, materials, and giveaways!


Use the 3 D's: Direct, Delegate, and Distract!

Direct: Do something yourself (like ask someone to stop what they're doing, or check on someone you might be worried about).

Delegate: If you can't do something yourself because of your barriers, ask friends to help, talk to a trusted RA, a coach, a faculty or staff member, or a trusted peer. Tell the bartender to check in or a family friend. Leave an anonymous note for the coach, staff member, etc.

Distract: If you don't want to address the situation directly or even acknowledge that you see it, try to think of a distraction that will diffuse the situation or calm things down in the moment. One distraction might be "accidently" spilling a drink; asking to borrow the phone of someone who is in a risky situation; asking for a ride or starting an unrelated conversation. 


Green Dots for Everyone

  • Believe that rape, abuse, and stalking are unacceptable and say it out loud.
  • Have conversations about ending violence with your friends and family.
  • Wear green dot gear.
  • Add "green dot supporter" to your e-mail signature.
  • Get someone else to intervene if you can't.
  • Be a knowledgeable resource for victims.
  • Attend violence prevention events.
  • Make a contribution or volunteer for your local service provider.
  • Check in with your friends if you are concerned about their safety and get them connected to campus resources for help.