SMC's Michal Strahilevitz Debuts the Happy Podcast With a Focus on Well Being

SMC’s Michal Strahilevitz has a new podcast called the Happy Podcast, and it is available on both Spotify and Anchor. (

The Happy Podcast is designed to give listeners research-based tools and advice for increasing happiness and well-being. In the most recent episode, Michal interviews Professor Raj Raghunathan from UT Austin who teaches a very popular happiness and well-being course to MBA students at UT Austin McCombs School of Business. Raj is both a highly-published happiness expert and the winner of the prestigious National Science Foundation Career Award. He also has a wonderful book titled "If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Happy?" In addition, he has two very popular happiness related courses on Coursera and EdX. In the latest episode of the Happy Podcast, Raj talks about his book as well as both of his online happiness courses. More importantly, Raj shares his favorite tools for maintaining his own happiness, what has worked for his students, and findings from his own recent research related to Post Traumatic Growth. It's a fun conversation full of advice and insights. Happy listening!