SMC's "Philosopher Coach" Leads Women's Volleyball Team

Crouch coaching teamAssistant women’s volleyball coach Brent Crouch is kind of a deep guy. You can probably count on one hand the number of Division I coaches who have a Ph.D, even fewer who hold that Ph.D in philosophy.  But that is exactly what Crouch brings to the table with the Gaels.

Crouch earned his Ph.D. in philosophy in 2006 from the University of Oregon, and since then he has split his time between coaching and teaching. Since coming to Saint Mary’s in 2010, he has held double duties as well. By day he’s helping develop the Gaels’ talented volleyball squad; by night he’s teaching in the Seminar Program on campus.

Recently, Crouch has started a blog that serves as an outlet for him on how philosophy has intersected with in his coaching life. Put your thinking cap on and check out his blog.