SMC's Steve Woolpert Speaks with CBS-5 about Polls showing Mitt Romney tied with President Obama

Dean Steve Woolpert was interviewed by CBS-5’s political reporter Grace Lee about the latest national polls that show President Obama in a tight race with likely Republican nominee Mitt Romney. While the polls from CBS News, CNN, Rasmussen and the New York Times show a dead heat, Woolpert suggested poll watchers look at the averages of the canvasses and president’s approval rating for a guide to how likely it is that Obama will stay in office.  A professor of politics and the dean of the School of Liberal Arts, Woolpert has been interviewed by local news agencies about a variety of news topics, including decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court, California politics and the 2012 Presidential race. Watch CBS5's "Polls Show Tight Presidential Race"

Date of Mention: 
Friday, April 20, 2012