Faculty Handbook Reference

The SJCC is described in Section of the Faculty Handbook,(July 2013). The text is provided here for easy reference.

Faculty Handbook (July 2013)
Social Justice Coordinating Committee

Role: The Social Justice Coordinating Committee is responsible for developing a unified vision and implementing a plan for integrating a social justice ethos across the curricular and co-curricular experience at Saint Mary’s College.

Primary Activities:

  • Facilitate communication and coordination among different civic engagement and social justice programs, activities, and initiatives.
  • Strengthen the coherence of undergraduate and graduate social justice education across the academic and student life areas.
  • Foster campus conversations by organizing/sponsoring one campus-wide forum and other smaller cross-disciplinary forums annually.
  • Develop and implement on-going benchmarks, inventory, assessment strategies of social justice activities and accomplishments with the Office of Institutional Research, CILSA, and Core Curriculum.
  • Develop, propose, and coordinate an approved action plan to promote the curricular, co-curricular, and administrative/institutional mission related to social justice.
  • Submit an annual written report containing recommendations for enhancing social justice programming college-wide to the Academic Senate, Provost, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academics, the Vice Provost for Graduate and Professional Studies, and thePresident.


The elected faculty members of the Committee serve two-year staggered terms; they are elected from the tenured roster and must satisfy the Qualifications for Election (see section Staff representatives are selected/appointed by their respective administrator. The Social Justice Coordinating Committee Chair must be a member of the committee and must be appointed by the Provost through the recommendation of committee members. The Chair appointment is for two years. The committee is comprised of one faculty/staff representative from the following:

  • Each school (4)  
  • Student Life
  • Mission and Ministry
  • Athletics
  • Staff Council
  • International Programs
  • January Term
  • Honors Program
  • Graduate Leadership Program
  • A minimum of two student representatives (one recommended by Student Life Staff and/or one “at-large” recommended by/representing ASSMC each serving a one-year term)

The Chair has the authority to invite members of the campus community to committee meetings when appropriate.


The SJCC meets on a monthly basis (except for January) during the undergraduate academic year. Meetings are called on a schedule determined by the chair.