The SJCC consists of students, faculty, and staff who are elected or appointed per the membership terms described in the Faculty Handbook. Additional members (indicated by *) are either invited or make a request to join to the SJCC.

1.       ASSMC


2.       General Student


3.       Athletics

Staci Hamaguchi-Byrne

4.       Center for Engaged Religious Pluralism*

Barbara McGraw

5.       Center for International Programs

Maria Flores

6.       CILSA

Ryan Lamberton

7.       College Communications*

Mike McAlpin

8.       Honors Program

Audrey Freeman

9.       Intercultural Center (for Student Life)

Cesar Ramos

10.   January Term

Sue Fallis

11.   Leadership Studies Programs

Tammy Appling-Cabading

12.   Mission & Ministry Center

Nick Van Santen

13.   School of Econ & Business Admin

Andrew Wilson (FY15)

14.   School of Education

Gloria Aquino Sosa (FY14-FY15)

15.   School of Liberal Arts

Monica Fitzgerald (FY15-FY16)

16.   School of Science

Hiroko Nakano (FY15-FY16)

17.   Staff Council

Sara Mumulo