Social Justice Initiative Reporting

Each year the College creates a comprehensive report of campus initiatives that promote social justice, and the SJCC is a key partner in gathering critical information.

How are data from the forms used?
The academic and co-curriculur data from Social Justice Inventory forms contribute to accreditation reports, program review, grant applications, and prestigious recognition awards such as the President’s Honor Roll for Community Engagement.

What initiatives should be reported?
Students, faculty, staff, and alumni address social issues and promote social justice in a variety of ways. These include, but are not limited to courses, co-curricular service projects, seminars and conferences, guest speakers, student leadership development programs with social justice emphases, and other educational, cultural, or diversity events.

Which form should I use?
Use the Co-Curricular Report for activities and initiatives that are not credit-bearing. Use the Academic Report for credit-bearing initiatives CE, CG, and social justice courses. Completing the Academic Report is the final step in implementing a CE or CG course.

What are the deadlines for submission?
Reports about undergraduate courses and activities are due December 1 (Fall Semester), February 1 (January Term), and May 1 (Spring Semester). Reports about graduate courses and activities are due on the last day of each program's academic term.

Questions or feedback?
Wendy Urteaga
CILSA Administrator Coordinator
Phone: (925) 631-8161