Compensation & Benefits Committee

The Compensation and Benefits Committee explores, analyzes, and evaluates proposals related to salary and benefits, in consultation with the Human Resources Department and Vice President for Finance.

Committee Members

Emily Adelmann
Deborah Brumley
Randi Ervin
Tony Kearns
Josh Rose
Patrice Young

Recent Accomplishments

We were recently successful in increasing the starting age limit for the tuition waiver benefit for dependents from 21 years of age to 25. We are also making sure that staff contributions to the College community are recognized and included in the overall mission and branding of Saint Mary’s, such as the campus website’s Community Statement.

Goals for 2014-2015

Some of the current agenda items and concerns on the table include adding the Ed.D. Program to eligible tuition waiver benefits, establishing Staff Recognition Program(s), and re-examining staff supervision of student employees (and related position source document issues). Employees are also interested in wellness initiatives, including but not limited to, continued pilates and yoga courses and access to the new Alioto Recreation Center.