Stansbury Forum Continues Series On ​Migrant Lives Border Immersion Program

Border between US and MexicoThe Stansbury Forum continues its spotlight on Saint Mary's faculty who participated in the 2019 ​Migrant Lives Border Immersion Program. A summer Lasallian formation and faculty development initiative, the ​immersion program allowed a group of faculty members to travel to the San Diego – Tijuana border on a fact-finding mission to learn about the migration crisis on the border first-hand. The Stansbury Forum features discussions and opinions by writers, activists and scholars on issues such as labor, immigration, the environment, politics and world affairs.

The Forum's Reflections on the Border Series features perspectives from:

  • Professor of History Myrna Santiago
  • Assistant Professor in Environmental and Earth Science Nekesha Williams 
  • Assistant Professor in SMC's Justice, Community, and Leadership Program Alicia Rusoja
  • Assistant Professor of Politics Zahra Ahmed
Date of Mention: 
Sunday, November 17, 2019