State of California Guidance for Higher Education

Dear Saint Mary’s Community, 

On Friday, August 7, the State of California finally released specific COVID-19 guidance for higher education institutions, and I am pleased to announce that Saint Mary’s College meets, and in many instances surpasses, recommendations for working, learning, and community living for the upcoming fall semester. With this guidance now in hand, we are able to confidently move forward with our current plans.  

Our community remains vigilant in following health guidelines to keep ourselves safe, and to protect others from the spread of the virus. I ask all community members to review our campus-wide health and wellness protocols, and make these part of your daily routine until further notice. As we have learned over the summer, reducing the spread of COVID-19 depends heavily on maintaining our standards of personal and mutual accountability. Let’s make sure that we continue to do everything we can to maintain a safe and healthy campus community.  

Meeting the State of California standards required an extraordinary effort from numerous faculty and staff, and I want to thank everyone who worked diligently to make this happen. I also want to recognize and thank students and families for adapting to the monumental changes that we have experienced over the past several months. We have made the difficult decisions needed to adjust our plans to changing circumstances, and I recognize that this has caused great stress and uncertainty. Our intentions have always been to provide unique transformative educational experiences for our students, aligned with our mission and values, and to do so in a manner that prioritizes the safety and health of our community. Surpassing the state guidelines confirms that the decisions we have made and the plans and protocols we have developed are the right ones for Saint Mary’s College. Our responsive planning and the tireless dedication of our faculty and staff have resulted in what promises to be a rewarding and engaging Saint Mary’s experience as we welcome back our new and returning students.  

I look forward to working with you and being of service as we prepare for the fall semester.

In the spirit of De La Salle,  


James A. Donahue